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pinupartist's Journal

17 October
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For more than a fifth of a quarter of a century, I have been producing artwork for custom tattoos, band promotions, and private collectors.To view a small sample of my pin-up/erotica art work please check out www.butterscotchgirls.com.
42nd street, 80's horror, adult comic books, alien, annie sprinkle, apocalypse culture, art, bad movies, bdsm, beauty, blade runner, bondage, boots, catsuits, cinema sewer, comics, comix, company, coop, corsets, creativity, cult films, cult movies, cyber punk, dave stevens, david cronenberg, dirty comics, domination, drawing, drive ins, ec comics, erotic adventures, erotic art, erotica, exploitation, fetish, fetishwear, filth, fine art, fishnet, from beyond, ginger lynn, gloves, godzilla, good vibrations, graphic art, graphic novels, grindhouse, high heels, housecats, illustration, illustrators, japanese movies, japanese rope bondage, john holmes, john leslie, kink, kinky, kitten with a whip, lace, lady friends, latex, leather, lesbian, lesbians, lingerie, liquid latex, lisa deleeuw, love, lust, making love, masturbation, mondo, monster movies, movie zines, mst3k, naughty, nude, nudie cuties, nudity, old movie theatres, old movies, painters, painting, pen & ink, pin-up, porn, pornography, post apocalypse, professional artists, psychotronic, pulp art, punk, ren and stimpy, retardotron, rockabilly, roller derby, rope, rubber, russ meyer, s and m, safe sex, sci fi, science, sculptors, sculpture, seaf, seamed stockings, sex, sex positivity, sex toys, sex-positive thinking, sexology, sexploitation, sexuality, sexy, sexy boots, sharon mitchell, shibari, shock cinema, sin, sketches, sketching, sleazy slice, smut, something weird, something weird video, spumco, stilettos, stockings, surf, taboo, taboos, the sex industry, the wet spot, traci lords, trash cinema, vinyl, voyeurism, voyeurs, xanadu, year at the movies